5 Essential Aspects to Look for in a Good Piece of Writing

So what really makes a good piece of writing? Well, you know it when you see one. Go through a piece of article and you will know it before the ending of the 1st paragraph. The ‘feel good’ factor of a write up is not necessarily the right parameter to judge a written piece. Let’s look at a few points on what actually makes up a well written article:

  1. Remember That Writing is a Response: Writing an article may seem like an isolated individual act but in actuality, is a social act where you are presenting to a large set of readers your opinion, thoughts, story etc. Remember that the context of a piece of article is what will determine the vocabulary, punctuation, tone, etc. The context includes the audience you are aiming at, the awareness or idea that you want to share and a little something that is thought provoking. So an article is considered good when it comprises all of this and impacts an image of an intelligent and ‘know-what-he/she-is saying’ person behind the article.
  2. Projecting Ideas that are Relevant, Important and Interesting: This is the most important part of the article. The main idea must be expressed well in as precise words as possible. The idea must be :
  • Completely explained in full sentences. If the subject is too vast, the at least something like a summery that covers all the main points that will help build a good understanding of the subject.
  • The author/writer must be interested in the subject matter of the idea. If there is no interest, it is very likely that you get a half-baked, ‘forced’ kind of article. In which case it would be better the writer does not write at all about the uninteresting subject.

  • The main idea around which the article is written must be something of interest to the audience. If the audience is not interested in the idea, then they will care less about the article.
  1. Presentation of the Details of the idea: Once you have an idea in place, it’s the details that are going to make up the entire article. Now however great an idea you have, it all depends on the presentation of that interesting idea that will hold the interest of the audience till the end. The last thing you would want is for the reader to start reading because he/she is interested in the main idea but misses focus because of a lose presentation. The details must be relevant and help build a good understanding of the main idea. Describing using sufficient number of adjectives can assist in building a vision of the main idea. And, this is very important in making an article memorable. You can look at places like com to look at some references.
  2. A Meaningful and Clear Purpose: What is the purpose you want to achieve by presenting this subject? You can make a mention of it in the beginning of the article and elaborate in the conclusion. But be as clear as possible, even convincing but not with a strong tone of canvasing.

One must always remember that a good article first tells what it is going to tell you, then tells what it has to tell and then tells what it just told you. If your article has all these intact, you are sure to gain fans in the long run.

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